Indianapolis City-County Council aims to boost pedestrian safety with new parking measures

Indianapolis, Indiana – In a recent move by the Indianapolis City-County Council, there may be an increase in the issuance of parking tickets, particularly in and around the downtown area. The council’s underlying intention is to enhance pedestrian safety throughout Indianapolis.

The initiative aims to deter residents from parking in areas that may obstruct pedestrian pathways, such as bike lanes and fire hydrant zones. ParkIndy, the city’s parking management entity, has been granted permission under the new proposal to issue citations throughout the city, extending beyond just metered spots. Previously, the revenue from fines in metered zones was the sole source of income for ParkIndy, potentially keeping the citation count lower than possible.

The prevalent parking malpractices have been a significant concern, particularly for the city’s cyclists. Brianna Susnak, a local resident, commented, “It’s not a great time to be a pedestrian or a cyclist in Indianapolis.” She frequently finds herself navigating around vehicles in bike lanes, presenting her with hazardous choices. This sentiment was echoed by Laura Jordan, another daily commuter, who faces similar challenges.

A notable mention is the “X account”, previously named “Twitter, Indy Pedestrian Crisis.” Eric Holt, who manages the account, routinely uploads images showcasing cars infringing on bike lanes. Holt receives daily submissions indicating the growing severity of the problem. However, he remains hopeful, stating, “It’s a step in the right direction we’ve needed more enforcement on our bike lanes for a long time.” Yet, he emphasizes that the proposal’s success depends on ParkIndy’s proactive enforcement.

D’Andre Rose pointed out, “I think people having to pay prices for parking tickets will make them reconsider creating those problems in the first place.”

Data provided by DPW revealed that last year, out of 10,700 parking tickets issued, only 2,129 were credited to ParkIndy. Of these, 527 pertained to bike lane violations and 1,151 for fire hydrant blockages.

The revenue accrued from these tickets is allocated to various infrastructure-related expenses as outlined in section 621-241 of the Indianapolis Municipal Code. These funds, consolidated under the “parking meter fund,” are subject to approval by the city-county council and managed by public works.

As for revenue distribution, the initial $730,000 collected each month (adjusted annually for inflation) sees ParkIndy receiving 70%, with the city taking the remaining 30%. Beyond this threshold, the division becomes 60% for the city and 40% for ParkIndy.

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