Indianapolis “No Turn on Red” proposal halted by City-County Council decision

On Monday, the City-County Council determined that they will not proceed with the “No Turn on Red” proposal, which was initially introduced in April to enhance pedestrian safety in downtown Indianapolis.

The original proposal sought to implement ‘no turn on red’ signs at key intersections, including:

  • 11th Street/Oscar Robertson Boulevard/10th Street
  • White River Parkway West Drive
  • Interstate I-70
  • Interstate I-65, with the exception of state highways.

However, the city and lawmakers found themselves in disagreement over the proposal. State Senator Aaron Freeman, an opponent of the legislation, introduced an amendment to House Bill 1050 that would effectively prohibit the city from installing additional ‘no turn on red’ signs.

Following the passage of HB1050, City-County Council President Vop Osili released a statement saying that the council is unable to move forward with the proposal. Osili expressed concern over the detrimental impact this decision may have on pedestrian and cyclist safety in the city.

Despite the setbacks, the council remains dedicated to addressing the safety concerns of pedestrians and cyclists. The statement emphasized the council’s ongoing commitment to collaborating with the Department of Public Works, community partners, and local constituents in order to devise solutions that will safeguard the well-being of pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Shelly Carroll

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