Two-way bike lane project announced by Indianapolis Department of Public Works

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has announced its initiative to establish a two-way bicycle lane on 22nd Street.

This endeavor is the result of a collaboration between the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development.

As per the details provided on the department’s website, the project is geared towards developing a safeguarded two-way cycle path along 22nd Street, stretching from Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue to Capitol Avenue. This initiative forms part of the second phase of the 16th Street and Monon Trail connectivity plan. The project will encompass a range of features such as street resurfacing, sidewalk refurbishment, and accessibility ramp repairs in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, with the work being carried out along Cornell Avenue and Bellefonte Street.

The construction costs for this substantial venture are estimated by Indy Public Works to be approximately $1.6 million. The projected timeline for the construction is to commence in the summer and conclude in the fall.


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