Department of Public Works initiates traffic reforms in Indianapolis for enhanced safety

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Department of Public Works has initiated a strategic shift to modify eight of the city’s one-way streets into two-way thoroughfares. This change aims to alleviate speeding concerns and foster safer road environments.

Mayor Joe Hogsett remarked, “Indianapolis has already instituted several two-way conversions in downtown neighborhoods, and this effort will be the most significant yet. And that is great news for people who love a safer, more welcoming Indianapolis.”

It is a well-acknowledged fact, as substantiated by the Federal Highway Administration, that one-way streets often witness higher vehicle speeds, whereas two-way streets naturally regulate traffic flow and ensure slower vehicle movements. Mayor Hogsett added, “This adjustment to the traffic pattern can restore a sense of being in a neighborhood for families living along busy thoroughfares. In short: these streets can be places, not just pass-throughs.”

The streets identified for conversion include:

  • Capitol Avenue (from 21st to 38th streets)
  • Illinois Street (from 21st to 38th streets)
  • Pennsylvania Street (from I-65N to Fall Creek Parkway S Drive)
  • Delaware Street (from I-65N to Fall Creek Parkway S Drive)
  • Alabama Street (from Washington Street to Michigan Street)
  • New Jersey Street (from Washington Street to Michigan Street)
  • East Street (from Washington Street to 10th Street)
  • College Avenue (from Virginia Avenue to Market Street)

The fiscal underpinning for these changes, along with other street enhancements, stems partially from a $25 million federal grant, as announced in June by both Mayor Hogsett and U.S. Rep Andre Carson. Rep Carson stated, “This significant amount of funding will pay off for everyone — pedestrians, bikers, drivers, and the surrounding neighborhoods will benefit.”

In complement to this federal assistance, Indianapolis will contribute more than $20 million, culminating in a project valuation of $46.5 million. This fund allocation will also encompass road upgrades from 38th Street to I-70. These enhancements entail 16 intersection revamps, two new traffic signals, 12 signal adjustments, 49 lane miles of resurfacing, two-miles of shared-use paths, over 300 curb ramp augmentations, 3.5-miles of sidewalk improvements, and 5.5-lane miles of bicycle lane refurbishment.

Additionally, the city has already embarked on a separate $11 million project this spring, converting sections of Michigan and New York streets from one-way to two-way trajectories.

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