Security lapse in software exposes data of Indiana Medicaid members

Indiana – In a formal statement issued on Friday afternoon, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) said that a software utilized by one of their contractors suffered a security lapse, consequently revealing select personal data of Indiana Medicaid beneficiaries.

The breach revealed the names, residential details, case identifiers, and Medicaid-specific numbers of an estimated 744,000 Indiana Medicaid members. This security incident, originating in the “MOVEit” software managed by Maximus Health Services, also affected the Social Security numbers of an additional four Medicaid members.

Notably, this infringement within the “MOVEit” software was not exclusive to Indiana, impacting various global entities and institutions in late May. Following the incident, Maximus promptly informed the FSSA.

The individuals impacted in Indiana primarily consist of Medicaid members who had previously engaged in correspondence with Maximus concerning the choice of a managed care organization. Presently, Maximus is in the process of reaching out to all affected Medicaid beneficiaries, offering details and potential solutions, including credit monitoring services.

For further inquiries or to gain supplementary information on the matter, the public is encouraged to contact the provided toll-free number at 1-833-919-4749.

Shelly Carroll

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