Terre Haute assault results in hospitalization and arrest

Terre Haute, Indiana – A recent assault in Terre Haute has led to one person being transferred to an Indianapolis hospital and another facing serious criminal charges. The incident, which occurred on North 1st Street, was brought to light by the Terre Haute Police Department on Monday.

Following the assault, the victim, who initially received treatment at a local hospital, was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Indianapolis due to the severity of their injuries. The Terre Haute Police Department quickly initiated an investigation into the incident, leading them to execute a warrant at the home on 1st Street.

As a result of their investigation, 43-year-old ShaAnna Howell of Terre Haute was arrested. Howell faces multiple charges, including Aggravated Battery, Criminal Confinement with a Deadly Weapon, and Criminal Confinement with Serious Bodily Injury. These charges reflect the gravity of the assault and suggest a situation involving significant harm and unlawful restraint by Howell. The police department’s swift action underscores their commitment to addressing and resolving serious criminal incidents in the community.

Shelly Carroll

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