Indiana updates high school graduation requirements

Indianapolis, Indiana – The state of Indiana has announced updated graduation prerequisites for high school scholars across the state.

To be eligible for graduation, students must fulfill three fundamental criteria. These include the attainment of a sufficient number of credits, the acquisition and demonstration of employability skills, and the display of readiness for postsecondary pursuits.

A student seeking a Core 40 diploma in Indiana is required to accumulate at least 40 credits. For those aiming for an academic honors or technical honors diploma, the credit requirement rises to 47.

The updated requirements also stipulate that Indiana scholars should acquire and manifest employability skills. These skills can be evidenced through various means such as the accomplishment of specific learning outcomes drawn from the student’s own experiences.

Examples include creating videos, composing essays or CVs, enrolling in dual credit courses, or earning certain certifications. Other acceptable demonstrations of these skills include the completion of projects, presentations, or slide decks, among other outputs.

The final requirement involves the demonstration of postsecondary-ready competencies. Students are expected to prove their preparedness for a transition from high school to a postsecondary pathway, such as higher education, vocational training, or apprenticeship. For successful graduation, Indiana students must display at least one of the listed postsecondary-ready competencies, which include:

  • Achieving an Honors Diploma (Academic or Technical)
  • Obtaining SAT scores of 480 in reading/writing and 530 in mathematics
  • Reaching satisfactory ACT scores
  • Scoring a minimum of 31 on the ASVAB
  • Receiving an industry certification from the DWD approved list available on
  • Completing a federally recognized apprenticeship

This set of requirements is applicable to students graduating with the Class of 2023 and onwards. Those graduating before this time or who have already graduated are mandated to have fulfilled the minimum requirements as stated previously.

For a full list of Indiana’s updated high school graduation requirements, click here .

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