Fatal collision on I-65 north claims life of Indiana resident

Henryville, Indiana – A fatal accident unfolded on I-65 North near Henryville early Tuesday morning, resulting in the death of an Indiana resident.

At approximately 1:45 a.m., emergency teams arrived at the scene where they discovered 55-year-old Matthew Shannon Campbell of Austin, Indiana, lifeless as a result of the collision.

Preliminary findings from the Indiana State Police reveal that a white Dodge pickup truck was navigating northward on I-65. The truck, which was towing a flatbed trailer carrying large A/C units, encountered a mishap. Specifically, one of the A/C units dislodged and landed on the highway close to the 21-mile marker.

Subsequently, Campbell’s Chevy Malibu collided with the fallen A/C unit, prior to the pickup driver’s attempts to retrieve it. A further complication arose when a UPS semi-truck, attempting to sidestep the Malibu, maneuvered directly as Campbell was stepping out of his car. This resulted in Campbell being fatally hit by the semi-truck.

The Indiana State Police are currently overseeing a thorough investigation of the tragic incident.

Traffic updates confirmed that the I-65 North vicinity around the Henryville exit experienced closures for several hours due to the accident. Normal traffic flow was restored by 7 a.m.

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