Truck-bridge collisions in Indiana raise safety concerns

Avon, Indiana – The Amazon corporation has recently encountered some issues with their logistics operations in Indiana, as reported by both Avon Police Department.

One of their delivery trucks collided with a bridge tunnel, after the driver failed to heed warning signs indicating a low clearance height. This incident occurred on Raceway Road, south of the US Highway 36.

In another episode of vehicular mishaps, a Penske truck, originating from the Amazon Fulfillment Center at 7211 Morgan Road, struck a railroad bridge on the Onondaga Lake Parkway, while en route to Syracuse. This occurrence was confirmed by Tom Newton, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, and took place around 12:25 p.m. on Tuesday. J.Klein from Smithville, TN, the driver of the truck, was subsequently issued with a total of 14 traffic violation tickets.

Although the Penske truck did manage to pass beneath the bridge without causing substantial damage, there was some minor harm inflicted upon the top of the trailer. The bridge’s official clearance height stands at 10 feet 9 inches, whereas the Penske truck measures 13 feet in height. At the time of the incident, a team from the State Department of Transportation happened to be working on the bridge, and witnessed the collision first-hand, as reported by

In light of these events, Shawn Boyd, a graduate of Caverna High School and owner of Boyd Trucking & Transportation, encouraged truck owners to pay close attention to road signs. Boyd emphasized the importance of safety, in order to avoid the potential hazards of exceeding bridge heights, as well as to prevent the imposition of traffic fines. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in relation to either of the aforementioned incidents, and after some hours, traffic was once again flowing smoothly on the affected routes.

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