Indiana officials to offer protective eyeweat for the total solar eclipse

Indiana – With the anticipation building for the total solar eclipse set to grace North America on April 8, 2024, officials are gearing up to ensure that enthusiasts can safely enjoy this astronomical phenomenon. Marking a significant event just seven years following its predecessor in 2017, the upcoming eclipse promises a breathtaking spectacle, with the moon completely obscuring the sun for a brief, awe-inspiring period.

Cincinnati finds itself near the heart of the eclipse’s path, offering a spectacular vantage point for witnessing the total blackout. Neighboring cities like Dayton and Indianapolis are also poised to enjoy prime viewing conditions, inviting residents and visitors alike to partake in the celestial display.

Given the potential risks associated with viewing the solar eclipse without proper protection, Indiana state officials are taking proactive measures to prevent eye damage. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has begun distributing specially designed glasses featuring the state’s eclipse logo, sourced from vendors endorsed by the American Astronomical Society.

These protective glasses are available for purchase in packs of four at for $10, plus shipping and handling fees. Alternatively, eclipse enthusiasts can visit any Indiana State Park inn gift shop or property office to buy packs or individual pairs for $3 each. A comprehensive list of locations can be found at, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to witness this remarkable event safely.

Sonja Hill

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