Public parks in Indianapolis to get mobile trailer cameras following shootings: IMPD

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has decided to implement mobile trailer cameras at two local parks in the city following separate shooting incidents that occurred on consecutive days.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park in the Kennedy King area witnessed a shooting incident on Tuesday evening during which over forty rounds were discharged on the park’s basketball court. Fortunately, there were no casualties, with a single report of a window being damaged.

IMPD’s Lt. Shane Foley expressed his relief that no one was harmed during the incident, considering the volume of gunfire involved. He noted the randomness of the shots fired could have resulted in serious harm.

Residents in the area reported hearing the shots. Ashley Hanson, a local resident whose house is close to the park, recalled the chaotic scene. Her roommate was in the park at the time of the shooting. The park, often bustling with activity, is situated amidst residences and apartment buildings.

Evan Julian, another resident, frequently walks his dog in the park. He expressed his worry about the escalating violence, which he views as senseless. The recent violence has even deterred Hanson from visiting the park, out of concern for personal safety.

IMPD officers have been able to gather some information from individuals present during the incident. A vehicle description was provided, and police are hopeful that this could aid their investigation.

In a separate incident the previous day, a 17-year-old was believed to have been shot on the basketball court at Riverside Park. Over the last two weeks, four distinct shootings have occurred in different parks, each under investigation by IMPD.

Recognizing the impracticality of stationing officers in all the parks, Foley highlighted the necessity of responsible behavior from residents. He also revealed plans to set up mobile trailer cameras at both Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Riverside Park. The recent violent incidents at these locations and upcoming events at Riverside Park prompted this decision.

Earlier this month, the local community met with IMPD at Martin Luther King Jr. Park to discuss the growing violence. In light of these events, residents have taken initiatives to form neighborhood watch groups.

The IMPD noted any decisions about enhancing patrols would be made at a district level. Meanwhile, park rangers and IMPD officers continue to patrol as many parks as possible throughout the day. Furthermore, an Indy Parks and Rec representative confirmed they are considering the installation of additional security cameras at both parks.

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