Residents demand action as trash piles up at Echo Ridge Apartments

Indianapolis, Indiana – Residents at Echo Ridge Apartments on the southeast side of Indianapolis are expressing frustration over the persistent issue of an overflowing dumpster. Shae Kidwell, a tenant who has been living there for 14 months, shared photos highlighting the ongoing problem. According to Kidwell, the dumpster has not been properly emptied in an extended period, and garbage continues to accumulate, causing inconvenience and concerns.

Kidwell described the situation as a daily problem, with trash extending along the property and obstructing access to the ramp. Despite attempts to address the issue, the garbage problem persists, leading to an unpleasant smell and an inability to properly compact the waste due to the excessive amount. Additionally, the wind exacerbates the problem, scattering trash throughout the complex, including the nearby playground.

The tenants are disappointed with the situation, emphasizing that the conditions are not reflective of the rent they pay. They feel that the situation is unacceptable, as the unattended garbage poses health risks and affects their quality of life. Complaints have been submitted to the apartment management, but the residents feel that their concerns are not being taken seriously.

While Kidwell plans to leave the complex, she hopes for an improvement in living conditions for her fellow residents. Efforts have been made to contact Echo Ridge Apartments management for a response regarding their plans to address the issue, but no reply has been received thus far. The Marion County Public Health Department has been notified and will investigate the complaints to assess if any housing violations exist.

The residents are hopeful that the situation will be rectified promptly, ensuring a clean and hygienic living environment for all tenants.

Sonja Hill

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