Hancock County middle school students hospitalized after consuming edibles

Hancock County, Indiana – A number of middle school students from Hancock County were hospitalized or sent home on Friday after experiencing adverse reactions to edible gummies consumed during class.

The Mount Vernon Community School District reported that 11 middle school students ingested the edible gummies on Friday afternoon, leading to negative side effects. At approximately 3 p.m., the administration at Mt. Vernon Middle School was informed that a student had distributed edibles to their classmates and several students had begun exhibiting symptoms. Emergency medical services were promptly called to the school, and the affected students received medical attention.

The Fortville Police Department was also contacted to assist in determining the scope of the incident and the number of students involved. In total, 11 students were identified as having taken the edibles. The school district subsequently contacted the parents of the affected students, who were either transported to the hospital or sent home.

Despite rumors circulating on social media, the school district clarified that no students lost their lives due to the consumption of the edibles. The district emphasized its commitment to student safety and assured that those responsible for endangering the students would face disciplinary action in accordance with the school’s procedures.

The Fortville Police Department, which responded to the scene and participated in the investigation, posted on Facebook that the incident is being investigated.

Joshua Dillard, a parent of a student attending the middle school, expressed relief that his daughter was not involved and that no serious injuries occurred. He believes the incident should initiate a broader conversation on the importance of student vigilance and awareness regarding the potential dangers of consuming unknown substances. Dillard emphasized the importance of discussing the issue with children and maintaining open lines of communication.

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