Fuel tanker rollover resulted in fuel spill on State Road 32

Westfield, Indiana – In Westfield, an unfortunate incident unfolded over the weekend, resulting in the spillage of approximately 1,000 gallons of unleaded fuel. A fuel tanker, carrying an estimated 8,500 gallons of gasoline, overturned while navigating State Road 32.

Officials from the Westfield Fire Department, present at the scene, confirmed that the tanker lost control in a roundabout at the intersection of Main Street (SR 32) and Shamrock Boulevard, causing it to roll over.

As a consequence, the tanker’s lid became compromised, leading to the leakage of approximately 1,000 gallons of fuel. To ensure the driver’s well-being, they were promptly transported to a local hospital for a routine medical assessment. Fortunately, authorities have indicated that the driver is not believed to have sustained any injuries.

In order to safeguard the community, the affected area has been cordoned off, with assistance from IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) for the cleanup process.

Fire Hazmat and the Emergency Management Agency have also been on-site to provide support. The intersection at Main Street (SR 32) and Shamrock Boulevard will remain closed for several more hours as the cleanup efforts continue.

Sonja Hill

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