Indianapolis woman accused of fraudulently collecting children’s survivor benefits

Indianapoolis, Indiana – An Indianapolis woman, Kristen Maxey, is currently facing serious legal charges related to welfare fraud. This situation came to light following a thorough investigation by the Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General, revealing a series of deceptions.

Maxey is accused of nine counts of theft and welfare fraud. The crux of the charges stems from her failure to disclose crucial information to the Social Security Administration. Specifically, she did not report that her two children had been removed from her care by the Indiana Department of Children Services (DCS) in March 2017. Despite this removal, she continued to collect benefits intended for her children from April 2017 through May 2022. The total amount fraudulently received was $78,902.00, equating to $39,451.00 for each child, as detailed in court documents.

The benefits in question were survivor’s benefits, which were meant for the children following the death of their father due to a drug overdose. This information was confirmed in a report from the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General.

Federal investigators received an allegation in April 2022 and subsequently verified that Maxey’s children were indeed removed and later adopted in 2019. In a revealing interview with investigators, Maxey claimed she only received the benefits for her sons from 2015 to 2017. However, when presented with evidence contradicting her statement, indicating her continued receipt and use of the benefits even after the children left her care, she requested a lawyer, and the interview was terminated, as per court records.

On January 9, Marion County prosecutors formally filed criminal charges against Maxey for welfare fraud and theft. Facing these charges, Maxey has requested a speedy trial, which is scheduled for March 14.

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