Indianapolis takes action: Demolition plans for troubled housing complex

Indianapolis, Indiana – After nearly a decade of legal battles and ongoing issues, the city of Indianapolis has finally announced its plan to demolish the long-troubled housing complex known as Towne and Terrace.

This decision came in the aftermath of a legal settlement reached between the city and the nonprofit and homeowner’s association responsible for the eastside condo complex, Towne and Terrace Corp.

As it stands, the city has not yet formulated any plans for the site, but officials intend to request information from developers once the complex has been fully razed. This approach mirrors that of the nearby Oaktree Apartments, which the city also acquired and demolished to pave the way for a mixed-use redevelopment project.

In keeping with the city’s commitment to community engagement, officials have expressed their intention to seek input from the community before making any decisions regarding the future of the Towne and Terrace site.

Once a safe haven for families, the housing complex located at 42nd Street and Post Road has become notorious in recent years for issues such as blight, drugs, and violence. As a result, the city has been preparing to take over for some time, and has already acquired a number of apartments in the complex.

With $5.4 million in funding secured through the American Rescue Plan, the city is now in a position to offer financial assistance to residents affected by the demolition and to fund community outreach staff to assist with relocation efforts.

Rusty Carr, the acting director of the Department of Metropolitan Development, has described the city’s decision to demolish Towne and Terrace as “a long time coming.” He went on to express the city’s enthusiasm for the next steps in the process, indicating that the city is poised for a positive transformation of the site.

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