Indy’s south side flood issues addressed with stormwater project

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (Indy DPW) has recently completed a comprehensive stormwater project aimed at addressing persistent flooding concerns on the city’s south side.

In collaboration with Mayor Joe Hogsett and City County Councillor Frank Mascari, the department marked the conclusion of this significant initiative, which stands to benefit approximately 100 residences in the Sherman Drive Park community.

Mayor Hogsett highlighted the importance of the project, stating, “Thanks to a massive stormwater upgrade throughout this neighborhood, we’ve been able to mitigate major flooding – and all the hazards it can cause.” He further noted the city’s commitment to infrastructure, referencing a current billion-dollar, 5-year capital scheme that promises to spawn similar undertakings.

Councillor Mascari emphasized the historical significance of the flooding issue for the south side’s residents. He remarked, “My colleagues and I on the Council are committed to continuing to work together to invest in infrastructure projects that benefit neighborhoods throughout the city.”

The leadership of Indy DPW is confident that by tackling water-related challenges, they can enhance the durability of the city streets. Indy DPW Director, Brandon Herget, commented on the ongoing endeavors, saying, “With more than 40 stormwater-focused projects currently active, we are continuing to deliver these benefits to residents across the county.”

As part of the broader project, engineers have incorporated contemporary solutions, including the introduction of hybrid ditches and the installation of new culverts. A hybrid ditch synergizes conventional ditches with perforated subterranean pipes, creating an efficient system to gather stormwater while facilitating its absorption into the ground.

For a deeper insight into the various projects undertaken by Indy DPW, interested parties can access further details here.

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