INDOT’s southwest side project: Road closures and ramp openings to anticipate

Indianapolis, Indiana –┬áConstruction crews are advancing with the I-465 and I-69 infrastructure project located on the city’s southwest side.

There are plans in motion to construct flyover bridges that will link both the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-465 to the directional lanes of I-69.

As stated by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the immediate task for the week entails placing substantial steel beams to reinforce the structure of the forthcoming northbound I-69 to westbound I-465 ramp.

Ongoing construction work along the I-465 necessitates drivers to exercise caution, especially with regards to potential lane changes and designated construction zones.

Mann Road Ramp Developments:
The Mann Road access to the eastbound I-465 is projected to undergo closure starting Sunday, Aug. 13. This 60-day closure is purposed for ramp reconstruction and drainage enhancement in its vicinity. However, INDOT assures that the westbound I-465 ramp leading to Mann Road will be accessible. For safety, drivers are advised to remain vigilant of trucks operating around the Harding Street and Mann Road vicinity.

I-69 Updates:
On Wednesday morning, Aug. 9, one lane of the southbound I-69 in proximity to Perry Road in Morgan County was shut down. It’s imperative for drivers to be attentive to speed limit alterations in this region. Additionally, a provisional ramp blockade is scheduled on Thursday, Aug. 10, from the northbound I-69 leading to SR 252/SR 44 (Exit 140) in Martinsville. This closure will be enforced between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m., with electronic message boards in place to communicate this to the public.

Smith Valley Road Interchange Status:
INDOT conveyed that the I-69 interchange at Smith Valley Road will see partial operationality later this month. This includes the commissioning of the overpass bridge, the southbound entry and exit ramps, and the Mullinix Road roundabout. However, the northbound entry and exit points will remain shut, with plans for their unveiling set for the later part of the year, corresponding with the road’s final layout.

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