Indiana resident wins $1 million in Wednesday’s Powerball draw

Lafayette, Indiana – In a recent turn of events, a lucky participant of Wednesday’s Powerball draw in Indiana finds themselves in possession of a winning ticket worth an astounding $1 million.

The Hoosier Lottery has confirmed that the ticket was procured from New Stockwell Market, Inc., located on Monroe Street in the city of Lafayette.

The winning combination from Wednesday’s Powerball draw included the numbers 23, 35, 45, 66, and 67, with the Powerball number being 20.

Players are encouraged to validate their tickets either through the complimentary Hoosier Lottery Mobile app or by visiting the official Hoosier Lottery website.

For the fortunate individual with the winning ticket, it’s recommended that they ensure the ticket is kept secure. In addition, it would be wise to consider consulting with a financial advisor and getting in touch with Hoosier Lottery customer service, reachable at 1-800-955-6886.

Looking ahead to the next Powerball draw on Saturday, the jackpot stands at an impressive estimated value of $875 million.

Shelly Carroll

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