Three Greenwood officers step down, two face termination over tech policy violations

Greenwood, Indiana – Three officers from the Greenwood Police Department resigned this month amid allegations of misuse of technology. Additionally, two officers are currently facing the possibility of being fired.

Greenwood’s Police Chief, Jim Ison, has enacted disciplinary measures against the below-listed officers:

  1. Sam Bowen, employed from 10/19/2020 onwards.
  2. Elijah Allen, employed from 4/15/2019 onwards.
  3. Jacob Hagist, who started on 10/19/2020, opted for resignation on 8/17/2023.
  4. Zane Hennig began service on 6/7/2021 and submitted his resignation on 8/10/2023.
  5. Tyler Kintzele, who was hired on 8/19/2019, also decided to step down on 8/10/2023.

Remarkably, the tenure of all these officers at the department spans no more than four years. Following these resignations, the city attorney has confirmed that the police department’s workforce now comprises 69 officers.

A disciplinary hearing addressing this matter has been slated for September 20, at 5 pm, to be held at the Greenwood City Building.

Chief Ison chose to decline any further comment until the post-hearing phase.

The officers in question are purportedly in breach of the following departmental policies:

  • Charge 1: Infraction of Greenwood Police Department’s Policy 321, titled “Information Technology Use”. To quote section 321.2 of the policy, “It is the policy of the Greenwood Police Department that members shall use information technology resources, including computer, software, and systems that are issued or maintained by the Agency in a professional manner and in accordance with this policy.
  • Charge 2: Transgressing Greenwood Police Department’s Policy 422, which pertains to “Mobile Data Center Use”. Section 422.4, titled “Restricted Access and Use”, explicitly states that, “Sending derogatory, defamatory, obscene, disrespectful, sexually suggestive, harassing or any other inappropriate messages on the MDC system is prohibited and may result in discipline.”
  • Charge 3: Contravention of Greenwood Police Department’s Policy 320, “Standards of Conduct”. The specific sections cited are 320.5.9 (h) which condemns the “Use of obscene, indecent, profane or derogatory language while on-duty or in uniform”, and 320.5.9 (p) which prohibits “Any other on- or off-duty conduct which any member knows or reasonably should know is unbecoming a member of this agency.”

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