Indiana State Police veteran accused of conveying false information in court

Shelby County, Indiana – Master Trooper Jeremy Basso, an 18-year tenured officer with the Indiana State Police, is under arrest and faces charges of perjury and official misconduct. The charges arise from allegations of false testimony during a court sentencing hearing that occurred in March.

The case’s origins date back to the early morning hours of June 18, 2021. At approximately 2:45 a.m., while Basso was assisting a construction crew on Interstate 74, an SUV struck his parked police vehicle. The impact resulted in Basso sustaining significant injuries.

The SUV’s driver, Mason Durrett, a 21-year-old resident of Indianapolis, was arrested following the incident on an initial charge of operating a vehicle under the influence. A court found Durrett guilty in a hearing held on March 16.

During Durrett’s sentencing hearing, however, investigators allege that Basso delivered incorrect information pertaining to the incident. Details of the nature of the inaccuracies Basso purportedly supplied were not disclosed by the police.

As a result of a subsequent state police investigation into the hearing, Basso was arrested on Wednesday. He is currently detained at the Shelby County jail. Meanwhile, Basso’s employment status has been updated to administrative leave without pay.

The impetus behind the investigation remains undisclosed, as police have not shared any information as to what triggered their inquiry.

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