Ring camera alert leads to fatal encounter between an Indianapolis teen and an alleged intruder

Indianapolis, Indiana – In a recent incident on the west side of Indianapolis, a 16-year-old, identified as Gabriel Hernandez, has been charged as an adult with murder after he allegedly shot an 18-year-old male who was spotted rummaging through his mother’s vehicle.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has reported that the shooting occurred in the early hours of August 23 on the 7100 block of Pluto Drive. The victim, Terry Ross, was initially critically wounded and later succumbed to his injuries.

Official records from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office confirm Hernandez’s charges in connection with this incident. Subsequent to the shooting, Hernandez was taken into custody by IMPD detectives, having admitted to the act.

Hernandez relayed to authorities that he was alerted to the situation by his mother. “My mom got cameras, I checked. Dude got a ski mask, hoodie checking every car in the neighborhood…he’s white, white as hell,” he commented as per the court documents.

In her conversation with detectives, Hernandez’s mother stated that her Ring security camera’s alert roused her, causing concern. The documents further reveal that Hernandez took a firearm from his mother’s room, and upon confrontation, fired shots, as corroborated by the mother’s statement, “He shoot two, two times I think.”

Evidence from camera footage indicated the masked man, presumed to be Ross, inspecting vehicles in the area. Additional footage from the same camera captured the moment an individual activated the vehicle’s alarm, leading Ross to exit the car. As he walked away from the house, shots were fired. The video captures Ross fleeing from the scene, where he was later discovered by authorities.

The investigative team made a significant note in the court files: “At no time was the victim observed trying to enter a residence nor did he appear to be armed during this incident.

In light of the evidence and events, Gabriel Hernandez now faces charges of murder and dangerous possession of a firearm.

Sonja Hill

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