Prompt response by bystanders turns potential tragedy into successful rescue at Lake Clearwater

Indianapolis, Indiana – A man was rescued from Lake Clearwater on Monday afternoon, located on the north side of Indianapolis, due to the swift and coordinated efforts of several bystanders, as reported by the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD).

At approximately 4:45 p.m. on Monday, the IFD Rescue Team responded to an emergency at 8243 Clearwater Pointe, following reports of an unconscious man found in the lake.

Initial responders on the scene were bystanders, who administered CPR to the man while awaiting official assistance. Kimberly Bogle, 30, was amongst the first to react. She recounted to the IFD that during a boating excursion with her fiance Matthew Brabham and their friend Riley Quillen, they noticed an unattended boat. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a 78-year-old man, unconscious, beneath a floating seat-like apparatus in the water.

Reacting promptly, Bogle secured a flotation noodle and swam approximately 100 yards towards the man, ultimately bringing him to a floating dock. Meanwhile, at Bogle’s directive, Quillen navigated their boat back to the shoreline, enlisting help from local residents Geoff and Roseina Brabham and promptly dialing 911.

Upon reaching the dock, Bogle, along with Geoff, Roseina, and a UPS driver who chanced upon the scene, initiated CPR on the individual until the IFD team arrived soon after and took over the rescue operations.

The man was subsequently transported to the Community Heart Hospital North Campus once signs of life were detected. The duration the man spent submerged remains unconfirmed by IFD.

Both Matthew and Geoff Brabham have participation records in the renowned Indy 500. Furthermore, Roseina holds accolades as a former world-champion Jet Ski Racer, and she remains an active competitor in the sport.

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