Indianapolis Fire Department responds to major house fire on Woodmere Ct

Indianapolis, Indiana – A fire broke out on Friday night in Indianapolis, leading to heartbreaking consequences for a local family. The incident occurred in the residential area of the 6700 block of Woodmere Ct., bringing both loss and displacement to the affected family.

The Indianapolis Fire Department received the call and swiftly responded at 7:23 PM. Upon arrival, they were met with intense flames engulfing the front of the house and rapidly spreading to the second floor. Amidst the chaos, firefighters sprang into action, battling the fire to prevent further damage and loss.

In a bittersweet turn, one family dog was rescued from the blaze and immediately received medical attention from Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services. Unfortunately, another family dog did not survive.

The fire’s impact extended beyond property damage, as it forced six family members, including two adults and four children, to flee their home into the cold night. In response to this distressing situation, the IFD’s Victims Assistance unit engaged the American Red Cross to provide much-needed support and aid to the displaced family.

Firefighters worked diligently and managed to bring the fire under control within 35 minutes. Their efforts ensured that no injuries were reported among the residents. Additionally, crews from Pike Township were present to offer assistance.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by authorities.

Shelly Carroll

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