IRTA Honors Dearborn County retirees for their outstanding service and volunteerism

Dearborn County, Indiana – The Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) held its 58th annual Representative Assembly in Indianapolis on June 7th, recognizing the commendable efforts of retired educators in Dearborn County for their volunteerism.

Esteemed former educator from Sunman-Dearborn School Corporation, Jim Pierce, was honored with the Association Member Benefits Advisors Award in Area 10. This accolade, known as the Volunteer Clock Award, was conferred in recognition of his exceptional contribution to community service.

Additionally, the event celebrated the continued dedication and selflessness of Etta Boswick, Marlene Dozier, and Janet Hart, all of whom have made significant strides in their volunteer work.

Moreover, the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association (DCRTA) achieved a remarkable feat, leading the state in total volunteer hours, with an impressive tally of 32,642 hours.

The county also garnered recognition for its excellent public relations, communication strategies, and for its website management, for which it received Outstanding Awards.

The annual gathering, attended by twelve members, serves as an essential platform for defining the objectives and targets for the contributions of retired teachers and for recognizing their outstanding service. The attendees included Etta Boswick, Betty Bourquein, Mark Guard, Pat Harper, Janet Hart, Peg Loots, Sharon, Judy Mosier, Cathy Mund, Jim Pierce, Jascia Robinson, and Jo Sloan.

The event also marked the introduction of Cheryl Corning, former Ripley, Ohio, and Dearborn County Special Education (ROD) director, as the new Area 10 director.

Every year, members of the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association (DCRTA) partake in various volunteer activities. These range from the Read Across America program to the Sewing Project, and extending support to classroom teachers with their educational projects. Furthermore, they actively engage with the Indiana legislature, advocating for causes that favor education.

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