IndyGo unveils advanced plans for Blue Line BRT in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana – IndyGo has unveiled the advanced plans for the Blue Line, Indianapolis’s third Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, for public consideration.

The transit agency introduced its first BRT line, the Red Line, in 2019, with the Purple Line currently undergoing construction. The Blue Line, intended to run from Cumberland to the Indianapolis International Airport, has experienced multiple challenges during its developmental stages.

In the preceding year, IndyGo disclosed that the project’s estimated cost had surged to over $500 million, a significant increase from initial projections. Consequently, adjustments were made, including rerouting a section of the westside to I-70, successfully reducing the projected expenses. The revised estimate for the Blue Line stands between $370 and $390 million.

Highlighting the efficiency of the plan, IndyGo’s Director of Capital Projects, Matthew Duffy, remarked, “Estimating a 25 to 35 percent reduction in travel time from end to end, which is really exciting for this route – it’s IndyGo’s second highest ridership route behind the Red Line.” The updated blueprint indicates the establishment of 33 new BRT stations along the designated route.

Further insights into the plans reveal a lane distribution strategy, wherein 58% are earmarked as dedicated bus lanes. This arrangement aligns with the prerequisites for obtaining federal grant support for the initiative.

Duffy further elaborated on the encompassing infrastructure enhancements integral to the project, which encompass the addition of sidewalks, crosswalks, upgraded traffic signals, and roadway resurfacing. Emphasizing the user experience, Duffy stated, “Importantly, and critical to IndyGo, is how people are accessing transit so we know that the transit trip doesn’t just begin and end when somebody gets on or off the bus.”

It’s worth noting that the Blue Line has drawn consistent attention at the Indiana Statehouse over the past two years. The public will have two more opportunities to engage in discussions regarding the project, with meetings scheduled for Thursday. As per current projections, the Blue Line is set for a 2027 launch.

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