Many fitness and workout centers in Bloomington are seeing an increase in membership, owners say

Bloomington, Indiana – Lifting many of the Covid-19 restrictions has led to increase of gym and fitness centers memberships in Bloomington. The owners of these centers say they are happy seeing their members getting back to normal healthy life again.

But its not only the old members. Gym owners and fitness trainers say they see many new members looking to exercise after staying more than a year at home.

Megan Stark, membership coordinator at Twin Lakes Recreation Center, said more and more people have returned to the center run by the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department.

Sports participation and group fitness classes have been the top activities people have been flocking to, Stark said, as opposed to working out by themselves.

“They really like the amount of space that is in our facility and how open it is because they don’t ever feel crammed. That kind of makes people feel more comfortable that they can keep distance from each other but still get back to activities and have a social life at the gym, but not be so close to one another,” Stark said.

Other gym centers in Bloomington also confirm this trend in the last month.

“People experienced this cabin fever where they did not have a choice. I think it gave people time to maybe figure out what their priorities are that were different before, and one thing they wanted to do is get more active. It’s amazing to me that it happened, and I think it’s great people are interested in moving their bodies and taking that more seriously,” Matthew Andrews, co-owner of the Iron Pit gym said.

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