Four convicted following a string of Indianapolis robberies; over 42 years in combined sentencing

Indianapolis, Indiana – Following a series of robberies in 2021 across Indianapolis, four individuals have been handed down their sentences in federal court.

According to a recent announcement from the Southern District of Indiana U.S. Attorney’s Office, the combined sentencing duration for these four individuals exceeds 42 years.

Crystal Daniels, aged 23, received a 14-year sentence. Her guilty plea encompassed three charges of interfering with commerce by robbery and two charges related to brandishing a firearm during a violent crime.

Detavion Daniels, 22, received a 15-year sentence after admitting guilt to three counts of the same interference charge and two counts of displaying a firearm.

Aaron Collier, 21, is set to serve a little over 11 years (equivalent to 135 months). He pled guilty to two counts of interference with commerce by robbery and one count related to using a firearm in a crime. Both Daniels and Collier are obligated to pay $1,420 as restitution.

Lastly, Brandon Brinson, 25, was handed a sentence of 27 months. He pled guilty to a single count of interference with commerce by robbery. Furthermore, Brinson is required to pay a fine of $500.

Legal documentation reveals that on April 21, 2021, Collier, along with both the Daniels, targeted a Cricket Wireless store on Arlington Avenue in Indianapolis. Dressed in face masks and ball caps and carrying backpacks, they entered the store. While Crystal acted as a shopper and Detavion engaged an employee, Collier took a more direct approach. He approached an employee and, as stated, “held her at gunpoint while demanding her to open the register.”

Their attempt at robbery in this instance was unsuccessful. However, merely 15 minutes later, they tried again. This time at a Dollar General located four miles from their previous target. Here, they used a similar approach, with an added command for an employee to get “on her knees” while they demanded access to the store’s cash reserves. This time, their endeavor yielded them some cash and even a customer’s $40 and car keys.

The actions of the trio didn’t go unnoticed. Indianapolis metro police, along with FBI agents, pinpointed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the Liquor Cabinet. Not long after, the group was identified attempting a robbery at a nearby Family Dollar. The trio, along with Brinson, their designated driver, were apprehended during a routine traffic stop.

Upon inspection of their vehicle, officers found:

  • A 10mm semi-automatic handgun.
  • A magazine loaded with 15 live 10mm rounds.
  • Several packs of cigarettes and cigars, believed to be from the Family Dollar.
  • A face mask belonging to Collier.
  • A box of 10mm ammunition with 5 live rounds.
  • Cash amounting to $187.

Zachary A. Myers, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, commented on the sentencing, emphasizing community safety. Myers stated, “Every individual has the right to safety, both at home and their workplace. The actions of these defendants, who threatened and robbed innocent individuals, are intolerable. Such destructive behavior is unwelcome in our community. With them secured in federal prison, our community can feel safer. My gratitude goes to both the FBI and IMPD for their commitment to holding these individuals accountable.”

Sonja Hill

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