Police investigate attempted armed robbery at Indianapolis retail store

Indianapolis, Indiana – In a recent development from the northern region of Indianapolis, an attempted robbery transpired at a Walmart outlet on Wednesday evening. This incident was confirmed by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Police officers were summoned to the scene at 3221 West 86th Street on Wednesday, promptly arriving at 6:06 p.m., following reports of an attempted robbery and the discharge of firearms.

On reaching the site, the officers interviewed several eyewitnesses and also communicated with the victims of the alleged crime. This information gathering process resulted in the police registering a report to pave the way for a comprehensive investigation into acts of criminal recklessness and mischief.

The suspect in question is currently facing serious charges which include an attempted armed robbery, criminal mischief, as well as vandalism.

The situation is currently unfolding, and additional details will be shared as soon as new information becomes available to the authorities.

Roderick Mccormick

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