Costco set to expand with new Noblesville store by the end of 2023

Noblesville, Indiana – Costco Wholesale Corporation is preparing to open its newest location in Noblesville this coming November, according to the company’s official website.

Evidence of the company’s expansion in Noblesville surfaced last October when the Hamilton County Alcoholic Beverage Commission approved a liquor license for the location.

Positioned on the southwest junction of E. 148th Street and N. Point Blvd, the new store will be situated slightly to the northeast of the intersection of 146th Street and State Road 37.

The renowned retailer, headquartered in Washington, already has a presence with four outlets in the Indianapolis metropolitan zone, including a pair on its northern perimeter. Notably, the forthcoming Noblesville outlet will mark Costco’s maiden venture into Hamilton County.

Globally, Costco has a footprint of 839 stores, spanning 46 U.S. states with 578 of these establishments. It operates on a membership model, necessitating shoppers to secure an annual membership. The company proudly acknowledges an impressive base of nearly 120 million cardholding members.

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