BBB warns of deceptive phishing scams seeking personal information

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning about the surge of phishing scams. Here’s the procedure these scams generally follow:

Typically, a person receives a call from an unrecognizable number. The caller purports to be a process server and might claim that a lien has been placed on the receiver’s home, or that legal action is imminent due to outstanding debts, such as medical bills.

The caller then proceeds to solicit personal details, including social security number and birth date. In many cases, the scammer demonstrates persistence in their pursuit of this information.

Shelbi Felblinger from the BBB elaborates, “When you’re hesitant about giving out this information, they may stress the urgency of the matter. I mean after all, they say you’re being taken to court.”

The primary intention of these scammers is to steal your identity. Here are a few measures you can take to protect yourself:

Be conscious of intimidation tactics. These scammers resort to threatening victims to extract their personal information. If you have any doubts about the validity of a potential lawsuit against you, consider verifying this by visiting your local court’s website. Be aware that scammers may already have certain information from previous scam attempts. Refrain from providing them with additional details.

Any suspicious activity or potential scams should be reported to the BBB Scam Tracker for further investigation.

Shelly Carroll

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