Authorities arrested a suspect following mass vandalism at a senior living facility

Indianapolis, Indiana – Residents of the NeighborCare senior living facility in Chapel Hill were confronted with a distressing sight in their complex’s parking area on Sunday morning.

Authorities from the Indianapolis Metro Police Department reported that the tires of “at least 25 cars” were deliberately damaged around 6 a.m.

The alleged perpetrator, a 35-year-old male, was apprehended by police while he was still engaged in the act of vandalizing vehicles.

Lionel Barnett, a resident of the facility, expressed his dismay, stating, “For somebody to come through and do this, they really don’t care.” Barnett reported that all three vehicles belonging to his family were among those damaged.

Another resident, who chose to remain unidentified due to concerns about retaliation, described witnessing the incident. This individual recalled his shock at the brazen nature of the vandalism, saying, “It took me a second to actually figure out what the guy was doing because it was so blatant.” The same witness recounted that the vandal, when confronted, responded with a challenge: “When I said I would call the cops, he ran about 10 feet, turned, stopped, looked at me, and said, ‘Go ahead and call the police,’ and continued down the line of vehicles.”

Both Barnett and the aforementioned witness expressed concerns regarding the potential financial impact on the residents, many of whom are retirees on a fixed income. The witness pointed out, “The majority of people here are on fixed income. They may not be able to repair their vehicle for weeks. It’s just really something that people of our age shouldn’t have to deal with.”

The Indianapolis Metro Police Department has indicated that the individual in custody is expected to be charged with criminal mischief.

Barnett succinctly summarized the sentiment of many when he remarked, “You’ve got to be the worst person in the world to come and do elderly people like that.

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