Indiana State Fair boosts safety measures for 2023 event

Indianapolis, Indiana – As the Indiana State Fair draws near, many attendees eagerly anticipate the latest attractions and culinary delights. The current year’s theme, basketball, is poised to delight sports enthusiasts. However, the fair’s administration emphasizes safety as a paramount concern, announced Anna Whelchel, the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for the fair.

A new set of safety rules is to be implemented starting this year. In a move to enhance security, unaccompanied minors will not be allowed on the fairgrounds, and there will be restrictions on the size of bags permissible at the event. All minors under the age of 18 will require an accompanying adult aged 21 or over from 6 p.m. onwards throughout the fair’s 18-day duration. The 2023 fair is scheduled to run from July 28 through August 20, with closure on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The fair also has imposed bag restrictions for attendees, only permitting bags measuring 9-by-10-by-12 inches or smaller. This contrasts with venues like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Walt Disney World, which allow larger bag dimensions. Furthermore, the fair’s security personnel will use metal detectors at entry points not only for personal screening but also for scanning the bags of attendees.

Although the statement mentioned “safety” as the reason for these changes, it did not delve into specifics. However, Whelchel, during a press event at the fairgrounds, reassured attendees and the press of their comprehensive and robust safety plan. She mentioned that they were continuously updating and reviewing the plans, taking into account the current local and global situations.

Similarly, Indiana State Police Captain Ron Galaviz also confirmed a consistent police presence during the fair. He noted the collaborative efforts with local municipalities and county agencies to ensure a safe and enjoyable fair environment.

The Indiana State Fair typically welcomes approximately 850,000 visitors each year. Attendees are reminded to review the updated prohibited items list, which includes various items such as aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages, drones, roller skates, and more.

The fairgrounds, located on the north side of Indianapolis, promises a unique and safe experience for all attendees, blending the tradition of the fair with modern safety protocols.

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