Rising recycling bills in Indianapolis: Is waste management to blame?

Indianapolis, Indiana – The past week witnessed a wave of indignation among Indianapolis residents, stemming from a significant increase in their recycling charges. Certain locals in Indy have observed a 25% surge in their annual bill compared to the previous year. This sharp rise in costs has been largely attributed to Waste Management (WM), which took over the recycling contract from Ray’s last year. Notably, there has been no noticeable improvement in the recycling service to justify this increase.

An economically astute local suggested that the reason for the escalated fees is rooted in basic business economics. They commented, “Ray’s does not have shareholders. Waste Management has shareholders. There’s your answer.” This implies that the drive to augment overall revenue was greater under WM’s management compared to when Ray’s was in charge, thus leading to increased costs. Even though this explanation makes sense, it is understandably not the most welcomed news among residents, especially as it adds to the financial pressure of their monthly expenses.

Adding to the discontent, some residents have claimed that the regularity and consistency of the recycling collection have deteriorated since the takeover by WM. Although the veracity of these complaints remains unverified, it is clear that the situation has not fostered satisfaction among the community members.

Nevertheless, some optimism remains amid the discontent. One resident advocated for active participation in democratic processes as a potential solution, stating, “Vote. Every chance you get, vote. In the primary, vote. When it’s literally one person and one referendum question, vote (especially then because it carries more weight).” Despite not being an immediate fix, it might be the most feasible solution available to the residents currently. However, until such actions yield results, it appears that the recycling bills in Indy are poised to reach unprecedented heights.

Natasha Pearson

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