Indianapolis addresses deteriorating alleyways with new budget allocation

Indianapolis, Indiana – In the 2024 budget proposal for Indianapolis, an allocation of $2 million has been designated to address deteriorating alleyways throughout the city.

Many of these alleyways suffer from improper waste disposal and degraded pavement. Abbey Brands, Director for the Department of Businesses and Neighborhood Services, pointed out that the lack of clear responsibility regarding alley maintenance has further exacerbated their condition.

“It’s been problematic. It means it takes us longer to abate things, it means things can fall through the cracks,” commented Brands.

Brands emphasized that priority would be given to the alleyways in the direst condition. “Ultimately, we want to encourage greater use of those alleys,” she added. “And we want to restore an essential piece of quality of life back to many neighborhoods who used to be able to rely on these alleys and now they can’t because there’s mattresses everywhere.”

Throughout this year, the department managed to clear 14 tons of waste. With the revenue derived from issuing permits for new structures, Brands asserts the department’s dedication to reinvesting those funds into community improvements.

Over the forthcoming three years, the proposal aims to inject $5 million into these initiatives.

Highlighting the significance of alleyways in her westside district, Democratic Councilor Kristin Jones remarked, “In my district a lot of us do not have driveways and we use them as roads, and as you said and when they’re clogged by litter and that breeds crime.”

The Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee has endorsed the proposal, forwarding it to the comprehensive City-County Council for consideration.

Natasha Pearson

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