USPS prepares for the holiday rush with massive hiring initiative in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana – With the fall season fast approaching, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is already gearing up for the forthcoming holiday surge. As part of their preparation, the Indiana District of USPS hosted a job fair in Indianapolis on Sunday, witnessing an impressive turnout of over 250 individuals.

This proactive initiative aims to recruit more than 700 personnel to aid in the efficient handling of the holiday season’s rising mail and package demands. Susan Wright, the spokesperson for the Indiana District of USPS, highlighted the forward-thinking approach of the postal service, stating, “Many people aren’t thinking about the holiday season yet, but the postal service is. We plan for a successful peak season all year long. That includes staffing appropriately to deliver the holidays for our customers.”

According to Wright, the USPS is not only seeking candidates for holiday-specific roles but also for warehouse and mail sorting positions. One significant motive behind this hiring drive is to identify individuals who could potentially transition to full-time roles within USPS post the holiday season.

The offered starting salaries for these seasonal positions range between $19 and $22, although they are not accompanied by additional benefits. Considering that the USPS recorded a staggering three billion pieces of mail countrywide during the last holiday season, the need for efficient manpower is evident.

Wright noted, “Customers are not only sending packages to their friends and loved ones in time for the holidays, but they’re also ordering online from companies.”

Individuals interested in taking up a holiday role with USPS can find more details and apply via the careers page on the USPS website.

Shelly Carroll

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