Terrabis expands its cannabis network to Illinois, near Indiana border

Indiana – The cannabis firm Terrabis, headquartered in Missouri, is inaugurating a new retail outlet in Grayville, Illinois. Grayville is conveniently positioned on the boundary with Indiana, along Interstate 64.

Antonio DeRose, Terrabis’s representative, affirmed, “We cater to all adults aged 21 or over, provided they carry an identification document, regardless of the state it’s issued in. That encompasses Indiana as well. As we’ve witnessed at our Missouri outlets, we anticipate a considerable influx of out-of-state customers, particularly being so proximate to the Indiana border.”

The newly established Grayville store is poised to serve those requiring medical marijuana in the future. As it currently stands, the store’s inventory includes vaporizers and edible cannabis products. The dispensary is roughly a three-hour journey from Indianapolis, making it closer than the next nearest outlet in Effingham, Illinois, which is slightly over two hours away.

For the foreseeable future, residents of Indiana – known as Hoosiers – may find themselves venturing out of state to procure cannabis.

Earlier this year, Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana declared that he wouldn’t endorse any legislation permitting the use of cannabis in the state until it’s decriminalized at the federal level. However, state legislators are due to convene over the summer to assess the potential implications of legalizing the substance.

Illinois belongs to a growing list of states where the consumption of marijuana is legalized.

DeRose added, “There is a tax imposed on recreational cannabis purchases, the revenue from which goes to the state. The state authorities then determine the utilization of those funds.”

It’s crucial to note that although it’s legal to consume marijuana in states where it has been decriminalized, transporting the substance across state boundaries remains against the law.

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