Temporary adjustments in Indianapolis garbage collection services for Juneteenth

Indianapolis, Indiana – A temporary alteration in the schedule of garbage collection for Indianapolis residents is set to occur this week.

The shift, instigated by the Indiana Department of Public Works, is being put into effect as a result of Juneteenth (June 19) being recognized as a city holiday. The shift will influence a variety of public services, inclusive of curbside recycling, standard residential trash collection, and heavy trash pickup.

To be precise, the adjustment will result in a one-day delay for each respective service. To provide a clearer understanding, the revised schedule is as follows:

  • Regular services scheduled for Monday will now take place on Tuesday, June 20.
  • Regular services scheduled for Tuesday will now take place on Wednesday, June 21.
  • Regular services scheduled for Wednesday will now take place on Thursday, June 22.
  • Regular services scheduled for Thursday will now take place on Friday, June 23.
  • Regular services scheduled for Friday will now take place on Saturday, June 24.

It is important to note that these changes are temporary, and the Department of Public Works will recommence their standard schedule in the ensuing week.

Shelly Carroll

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