Semi-truck collision led to major backups on I-465 in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana – The early hours of January 4, 2024, saw significant traffic disruption on the south side of Indianapolis, particularly affecting I-465. Commuters faced a challenging morning due to an accident involving a semi-truck, which led to major backups and delays on this key highway.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) reported that the incident occurred when a semi-truck collided with a concrete barrier. This collision caused the barrier to shift into the opposite lane, leading to the blockage of two right lanes on I-465 westbound between Harding Street and Mann Road. Additionally, the left lane of eastbound I-465 was also closed as a result of the accident.

INDOT’s traffic cameras provided a clear view of the aftermath, capturing images of slow-moving traffic and extensive backups. The disruption was initially expected to last for around two hours. In response, Indiana State Police (ISP) advised drivers to consider alternative routes to bypass the congested area and avoid further delays.

Fortunately, the situation began to resolve by approximately 6:30 a.m., with traffic cameras showing a return to smoother flow in the affected sections. This improvement brought relief to many commuters who had been caught up in the early morning delays.

The prompt action of authorities and emergency responders played a crucial role in managing the situation, ensuring the roadway was cleared and normal traffic flow restored. Despite the inconvenience caused by the incident, it was fortunate that no injuries were reported from the collision.

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