Indy Irish Fest permanently canceled after decades of cultural celebration in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana – Indy Irish Fest, a staple in the Indianapolis cultural scene for over twenty-five years, has regrettably announced its cancellation.

The festival, which has been a mainstay in the month of September since its inaugural run in 1995, will not proceed further, as confirmed by its organizers. They publicly revealed over the weekend that maintaining the event was no longer viable, prompting its cancellation.

The onset of the 2020 pandemic marked the beginning of the festival’s fiscal challenges, from which the Indy Irish Fest has not managed to recover.

In a statement published on Facebook, the organizing committee expressed their difficulties, stating, “We have been unable to make up for the loss of funds and keep up with increased expenses”.

The Indy Irish Fest, a volunteer-run, not-for-profit event, was a prominent stage for the celebration of Irish culture, traditions, and history. It offered attendees a vibrant array of live music, traditional food and beverages, spirited dancing, and more. All the revenue generated from the festival was utilized to offset the operational costs.

Despite the regrettable void that the discontinuation of the Irish Fest will leave in September’s cultural calendar, aptly referred to by the organizers as a “shamrock-shaped hole,” they took a moment to express their gratitude to all who have contributed to and participated in the event over the years.

In their message, they extended a “Special thank you to anyone who has ever attended the Indy Irish Fest. Fest fans, entertainers, vendors and musicians. Your joy, cheering, and dancing meant the world to us”. They further added, “We hope you had fun and take the memories you made with you for a lifetime. We know we will.”

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