Indianapolis suburbs outperform in U.S. safety and affordability study

Indianapolis, Indiana – Renowned for safety and affordability, Indianapolis has prominently made its mark on the national stage, with three of its suburbs being among the top five safest communities in the United States.

A comprehensive study conducted by SmartAsset revealed that Carmel, Fishers, and Noblesville – all situated in Hamilton County, are distinguished for their exceptional safety metrics and cost-effective living standards.

When the top ten safest suburbs in the country were identified, Carmel and Fishers earned the esteemed second and fourth rankings respectively. Not far behind, Noblesville was awarded the fifth position. These Indianapolis suburbs received accolades for their remarkably low instances of violent and property crimes. Moreover, their robust safety records concerning vehicular incidents also did not go unnoticed.

The affordability of these suburbs was another facet that merited recognition. Four suburbs from Indiana, including Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and Brownsburg, were listed among the top ten most economical suburbs. It was noted that housing expenses in these locations amounted to less than 17.5% of the median household income.

Carmel, in particular, demonstrated an impressive balance of low crime rate and appealing housing costs, ranking 23rd in overall crime rate across the country. Fishers also earned special recognition in terms of safety, demonstrating commendable performance with a lower-than-average violent crime rate and a low vehicular mortality rate.

Road safety was the highlight for Noblesville, situated within Hamilton County, which contributed to its low vehicle mortality rate. The suburb also maintained a property crime rate lower than approximately 90% of the other evaluated suburbs.

The study incorporated 370 communities, all within a 15 to 45-minute car ride from the 100 largest U.S. cities.

The top 10 safest suburbs in the U.S. were identified as follows:

  1. Great Falls, Virginia
  2. Carmel, Indiana
  3. Bethesda, Maryland
  4. Fishers, Indiana
  5. Noblesville, Indiana
  6. Lehi, Utah
  7. Fort Bliss, Texas
  8. Frisco, Texas
  9. Dacula, Georgia
  10. Castle Rock, Colorado

This data substantiates that Indianapolis and its suburbs have demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining a secure and affordable living environment, making them standout choices for families and individuals alike.

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