Indianapolis approves mayor’s gun safety proposal

Indianapolis, Indiana – The discourse revolving around the strategy to curb gun violence in Indianapolis remains a pressing subject of concern.

In a recent development, the Public Safety and Criminal Justice committee of Indianapolis greenlit the mayor’s gun safety proposal with a four to nine vote, a decision which was not without its share of contention.

Matt Giffin, serving as the Corporation Counsel for the City of Indianapolis and Marion County, highlighted the current predicament, “The only thing preventing Indianapolis from enforcing these gun safety policies is the Indiana General Assembly.

The approved safety proposal encompasses several notable points, such as:

  • The enforcement of a ban on assault rifles.
  • The removal of the permit-less carry law.
  • Elevating the minimum age requirement to own a gun from 18 to 21.

Brian Mowery, representative for District 25, expressed concerns over the proposed amendments. He mentioned, “One thing that this council body is tasked to do is create ordinances that are in line with our purview. This proposal is not in that line. We’re saying that what if these statements don’t work.”

Frank Mascari, representative for District 21, addressed the issue of unrestricted gun ownership, asserting, “I believe in the permits, that’s great, but just to let anybody have a gun is insane.

Dan Boots, representative for District 3, criticized the National Rifle Association and certain individuals for their pro-gun stance, stating, “Certain people and the NRA push for gun rights and then blame the cities for not controlling or reducing violence. You can’t have it both ways folks.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett of Indianapolis also made his position clear before the committee, declaring, “To those who don’t want us to be here tonight, I won’t be threatened and turn my back on Indianapolis residents. I am not backing down.”

Despite the ordinance earning approval on Wednesday night, its enforcement is not immediate. The proposal needs to be presented before the council, and it also requires lawmakers to revise Indiana’s gun laws.

In reference to this delay, John Barth, representative for District 7, commented, “I wish we could take action that would take effect directly. When it comes to guns, we can’t. This is the next best thing we can do, and I absolutely will do this for my constituents because they demanded it.”

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