Department of Public Works shares tips on how to drive safely around snowplows in Indianapolis this winter

Indianapolis, Indiana – Indianapolis is bracing for more extreme winter weather, prompting a call for caution from the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW). As snowplows work tirelessly to clear the roads, officials are urging Hoosiers to drive carefully to ensure both their safety and that of the snowplow drivers.

The Indianapolis DPW took to social media to alert residents about the impending weather conditions. “With snow expected around midnight, Indy DPW is preparing for another overnight shift of snowplow drivers,” the department shared. The message emphasized the importance of giving space to these essential workers, stating, “Be sure to give our drivers space!”

Light snowfall is expected overnight, which, although minor, could lead to some accumulation and create slick spots on roads by Tuesday morning. These conditions necessitate extra caution from drivers.

In light of these challenges, the Indianapolis DPW provided vital snowplow safety tips to ensure the well-being of both drivers and snowplow operators:

1. Distance: Snowplows are wide and may cross over the centerline or shoulder. It is essential for drivers not to tailgate or attempt to pass snowplows. Keeping a safe distance is crucial for avoiding accidents.

2. Speed: Snowplows typically travel below the posted speed limit. Drivers encountering a snowplow should be patient and allow ample time to slow down. Rushing to overtake a plow can lead to dangerous situations.

3. Vision: Snowplow operators may have restricted vision due to the nature of their work. Even if drivers can see the snowplow, the operator might not have a clear view of them. Drivers are advised to exercise caution, understanding that a snowplow operator’s ability to see other vehicles might be limited.

These guidelines are not just for the safety of the snowplow drivers but for all who share the road during these wintry conditions. By following these tips, residents of Indianapolis can contribute to a safer and more efficient snow removal process, ensuring that everyone gets to their destinations safely during this extreme winter weather.

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