Indiana’s COVID-19 death toll rises by 58, state data shows

The Indiana Department of Health has released the latest COVID-19 statistics on its dashboard.

According to the latest data collected through Tuesday, the COVID-19 death toll in Indiana has surged to 25,114, an increase of 58 from the previously reported figure of 25,056 on March 28.

Meanwhile, the number of probable deaths stands at 1,214, having risen by eight from the previous figure of 1,206. These numbers should serve as a grim reminder of the devastating impact of the pandemic on the Hoosier state.

Furthermore, Indiana has recorded a surge in the total number of COVID-19 positive cases, which has now risen to 2,065,880 from 2,060,433 on March 28, marking an increase of 5,447 cases. These figures show that despite the tireless efforts of healthcare workers and policymakers to combat the spread of the virus, the pandemic is far from over.

The state has also witnessed a sharp increase in hospital admissions and emergency room visits in the past week, with a seven-day average of 41 hospital admissions and 230 emergency room visits on Tuesday. This trend is particularly alarming and highlights the need for continued vigilance and adherence to public health guidelines.

Despite the challenging situation, there is some good news. The Indiana Department of Health reported that 3,862,879 Hoosiers had completed the primary vaccination series as of Tuesday.

This represents about 55.5% of the total population and is an encouraging sign that the state is making progress in its vaccination efforts. Additionally, 880,791 Hoosiers have received the most recent booster shot as of Tuesday, indicating a growing awareness of the importance of vaccination in safeguarding public health.

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Sonja Hill

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